Hello! My name is Cristina and I am a licensed tour guide in Sicily. I was born in Geneva, Switzerland from Sicilian parents. I grew up in a house where French, Italian and Sicilian dialect all mingled toghether. That’s why, since I was a child, I wanted to do a job that would allow me to practice foreign languages.

In addition to this mixture of languages, at home we always spoke of Sicily: its traditions or its cuisine that was always present at our table. When I was twelve years old, I moved to Sicily with my family, in the province of Messina and from that moment began my life in this wonderful island.

My studies at the University of Messina

It has been natural for me to choose to study languages and obtain a degree in foreign languages and literature at the University of Messina with specialization in English and French ( the one in Sicilian dialect still does not exist!). At the same time, I also studied Spanish and, as with other languages, the numerous study trips abroad had been really useful.

I wanted to work in tourism already when I was in high school . During a school trip,I could see a tour guide and a tour leader in action. I immediately knew what I wanted to be!

My license as a tour guide in Sicily

I obtained my license as Tour Guide in 2000 and in 2004 also that of tour leader. Since then I have travelled far and wide in Sicily but, in particular, in the province where I live, Messina, rich in history, monuments and traditions.

Since 2015 I am the president of the Association Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina. The association was created to promote the figure of the tour guide but also our territory of which we are proud ambassadors.

I love to share the beauties of my region with those who decide to visit. Not only history and monuments, but also traditions, gastronomy and daily life. I am lucky enough to accompany travelers to discover magnificent sites such as the Aeolian Islands, Messina, Taormina, Etna and many others.

Continuing education is essential in my field. Therefore, I continuously follow in-depth courses on various topics ranging from history to geology, passing through popular traditions, not to mention the continuous updating of the use of languages.

Why hiring a licensed Tour Guide of Sicily?

It’s a sign of quality, seriousness, respect of law and tranquillity for the visitor. Hire a qualified guide and you’ll visit Sicily with a professional trained and prepared to conduct guided tours.

I am ready to welcome you and to share with you my passion for Sicily.Group or individual tour? Classic or customized itinerary? I wait for you to discover with me the wonders of my island.

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