The guided tour of Mount Etna is a journey through rich vegetation and barren landscape due to lava flows and the majestic charm of an active volcano! It’s difficult to resist the attraction that the Mountain draws but she repays us generously with spectacular sceneries and countless excursions.

With its more than 3300 meters of height and almost 1200 square km of surface, Etna covers an extremely vast and many-sided territory. It offers, to everyone, the opportunity to find an activity of own interest and taste.

In general, there are two main points of visit to the volcano that also correspond to the two ski resorts: Etna Sud (South) and Etna Nord (North).

Tour guidato Etna
etna tour
Etna Sud
Tour guidato Etna Crateri Silvestri
Crateri Silvestri
Tour guidato dell'Etna. Crateri sommitali
Crateri Sommitali
Tour guidato dell'Etna. Le colate laviche
La colata del 2002 – 2003

Mount Etna Guided Tour: the Southern slope, Rifugio Sapienza

To reach the Rifugio (shelter) Sapienza at an altitude of 2000 meters, you can leave from the city of Catania or from Taormina. Afterwards go up from the South or either along the East side starting from Giarre. In both cases, this drive crosses different types of landscape and vegetation as well as some inhabited areas.

Along the way and then arriving at 2000 meters there are various possibilities:

  • Rake a break in Zafferana Etnea to taste the local honey. Or see where the lava stopped in 1992, just in time to save the town;
  • An easy walk on the Silvestri craters (1986 m.) formed in 1892 during a lateral eruption;
  • Take the Etna cable car, from 2000 meters up to 2500 meters. After your arrival, use the off road vehicles and reach the 2900 meters of height, here, you’ll be able to observe, at a safe distance, the summit craters with the smoke coming out.

Etna guided tour: the Northern slope, Piano Provenzana

Starting from the North – East side of Etna, you can reach the town of Linguaglossa which is the best place to get to Piano Provenzana, the other ski resort. Also in this case, the road climbs up to an altitude of 1800 meters, among woods and lava flows. What can tourist do by going from the northern side?

  • An easy trekking on the Sartorius craters, button shaped craters dating back to 1865;
  • Piano Provenzana, be amazed by the lava flow landscape of 2002 – 2003 eruption and walk on it;
  • In Linguaglossa, stop to visit the churches and enjoy the typical desserts.

Although the idea of visiting an active volcano might scare someone, there is no reason to worry about it. The volcano is constantly monitored by experts of the INGV (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology). They are always collecting data on volcanic activities and guarantee safe excursions.

This is just a short summary of what you could while you are visiting Mount Etna. What are you waiting for? Contact me and we will find together the most suitable excursion to do on the highest volcano in Europe.


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