It has always been the gateway to Sicily , for this reason, a guided tour of the city of Messina will also be an introduction to the discovery of the rest of the island.

Risen several times from the ashes, the city still offers us numerous testimonies of its rich past.

guided tour of messina
guided tour of messina
guided tour of messina
Visita il museo di Messina
guided tour of messina
Il Campanile della cattedrale di Messina

Guided tour of the city of Messina: the historic centre

Piazza Duomo is undoubtedly the heart of the city and walking through the streets around it, we discover some of its most significant monuments:

  • The Church of the Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani, built in 1150, is the oldest monument in the city;
  • The monument to Don Giovanni of Austria, reminds us of the strategic role of the city in the sixteenth century;
  • Coppedè buildings tell us about the reconstruction after the terrible 1908 earthquake ;
  • The Quattro Canti (four corners), now only two are placed but they recall the town planning before the terrible 1908 earthquake.

And the Cathedral and its Bell Tower, undisputed protagonists of a guided tour of the city of Messina.

Guided tour of Messina: panoramic tour

When we observe the city from the Belvedere of Christ the King church we can really understand its strategic location and therefore appreciate its beauty. We can glance at some of the significant places of interest:

  • The Strait of Messina, marked by the two electricity pylons;
  • To the north, the fishing village of Ganzirri, famous for the two brackish lakes and the cultivation of mussels and clams;
  • Numerous churches with their bell towers ;
  • The Cathedral and its Bell Tower;
  • The Peloritani Mountains.

Guided tour of the city of Messina: the Regional Museum

The millenial history of the city of Messina is all enclosed in this beautiful museum. Visiting the Regional Museum (MuMe) we follow a chronological order to discover its treasures: not only paintings or sculptures but also the remains of buildings saved from the 1908 earthquake.

Among the approximately 750 beautiful works of art on display, some stand out, without a doubt, for their beauty and fame:

  • Two large canvases by Caravaggio;
  • Antonello da Messina paintings;
  • The carriage of the Messinese Senate.

The city offers us many suggestions and a guided tour will certainly give you the opportunity to get the best out of it.

It will be a pleasure for me to be your tour guide of Messina!


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