Thanks to the guided tour of Taormina visitors can discover the typical atmosphere of the Sicilian life. But they will also know about archaeology, history and have the opportunity to enjoy a panorama unique in the world. All these elements are the main attractions of this small but enchanting town.

guided tour of taormina
View over Mount Etna from the Ancient theatre
Visita guidata della città di Taormina
guided tour of taormina
Ancient theatre
guided tour of taormina
The Piazza Duomo
guided tour of taormina
IX April square
Visita guidata della città di Taormina
IX April square: Curch of Saint Joseph and Halfway Tower
guided tour of taormina
Saint Catherine church

Guided tour of the city of Taormina: Corso Umberto

Bordered by two access gates , the main street of Taormina sums up art and history. Not only culture but also a real pleasure for shopping lovers. About 800 meters separate the two main gates, Porta Messina from Porta Catania, and these are the stops not to be missed:

  • Largo Santa Caterina: this little square was the Greek agorà, then it became the Roman forum. Today, around it, we admire the seventeenth-century Church of Santa Caterina
  • Palazzo Corvaja : Built and remodeled in different eras, today it is certainly a splendid example of Gothic-Catalan art. A few steps away we find the Roman Odeon, in part hidden by the church;
  • Piazza IX Aprile: the Belvedere of Taormina, a priceless view of Etna and the sea below. Around us historical buildings of the city, for example, the church of San Giuseppe and the church of Sant’Agostino, today the public library. The Clock Tower or Halfway tower let us enter the medieval part of the town.
  • Piazza Duomo: here we see the cathedral, the Palazzo del Municipio, that is the Town Hall and the seventeenth-century Fontana dei Giurati.

Guided tour of Taormina: the Ancient Theatre

The visit to the theatre of Taormina is definitely a must for anyone arriving in the city. It was built by the Greeks during the IV century B.C. and transformed by the Romans from the II century B.C. If we carefully look at this structure, we can understand the various transformations, for example, from a theatre to an arena.

In front of us a breathtaking view: the remains of the Roman stage frames Mount Etna and the sea with the bay of Naxos. Further down, the town and its buildings grouped along the main street. And, higher up, the church of the Madonna della Rocca and Castelmola. A perfect postcard!

I will be glad to be your tour guide in Taormina for an unforgettable visit!


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