The Aeolian Islands have an untold historical and natural heritage but let’s try to make a first list of things to know. We can start telling 5 interesting facts about the Aeolian Islands .

5 interesting facts about Aeolian Islands
Obsidian stone
interesting facts Aeolian Islands
The house of Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman in Stromboli
interesting facts Aeolian Islands
Archaeological site of Lipari
interesting facts Aeolian Islands
Archaeological site of Panarea

1.They have been continuously inhabited since the 6th millennium B.C.

The first inhabitants settled in Lipari and Salina to exploit obsidian stone which, at that time, was the most employed sharpening material. All the islands, except Vulcano, have an archaeological site of great importance.

2. What we see is the emerged part of underwater volcanoes

For example, the Stromboli island is 924 meters high above sea level but more than 2000 meters lie below the surface of the sea. That’s the same for all the Aeolian Islands but with different depth. This is one of the reasons why the islands are a paradise for divers.

3. Agriculture is the basis of the islands’ economy

The economy of these islands is based not only on tourism or fishing (the least important portion) but also and above all on agriculture. This is thanks to the production of two important products: capers and Malvasia wine which are exported all over the world

4. The cinema has given a boost to tourism in the Aeolian Islands

In the 1940s, these islands began to be known thanks to a group of young enthusiastic men. They shot underwater documentaries here and founded the Panaria Film. As a result, some directors such as Roberto Rossellini or Wiliam Dieterle decided to shoot their films in the archipelago. This way, these small Mediterranean islands were known all over the world.

5. On the Aeolian Islands there are almost no more springs of water

The volcanic activity has dried up the numerous water springs on the islands. There is very little fresh water on the islands. So, today water is supplied to the islands by tankers or by a desalination systems. If you try to dig today, sulfurous water comes out!

I have a lot to say about other interesting facts concerning the Aeolian Islands . I will tell you more during a guided tour of this seven beautiful islands!

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