It’s seems impossibile that an hotel can have that amazing view but in Taormina it is. The White Lotus hotel is actually the San Domenico Palace hotel in Taormina. Now this ancient monastery is know all over the world as The White Lotus hotel.

History of the White Lotus hotel in Taormina

The structure was originally built in the 15th century by a nobleman from Catania, Damiano Rosso belonging to the princely Rosso family of Altavilla. He himself became a friar and, at his death in 1430, donated the building to the convent.

In 1866, the year of the transfer to the State of all ecclesiastical assets, the last friar revealed an ancient will to the heirs of Damiano Rosso: that the convent itself would return to the heirs if the monks abandoned it. Therefore, the Princes of Cerami, heirs of the Rosso di Altavilla, were able to take possession of the building which was subsequently transformed into a hotel.

Since 1896, the San Domenico Palace has been one of the most fascinating Europe’s grand hotels. Now it’s a Four Season hotel and it maintains all its ancient charm.

White Lotus 2 and the San Domenico Palace

The San Domenico hotel in Taormina served as the White Lotus resort for the second season of the popular HBO TV Series also for its unique position. From here you can admire the panorama over Mount Etna, the bay of Giardini-Naxos and the town of Taormina. Most of the scenes were shot on the terrace of the hotel and the location contributes to enhance the theme of the show.

But not only the terrace, also the rooms, the restaurant and the ancient cloister are protagonist of the show.

Due to the success of the show, today it’s quite difficult to enter the hotel if you don’t stay there. During a guided tour of Taormina, we can pass in front of it and ask to see a part of it. Let’s come with me and try it!

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Diane Leone · April 27, 2024 at 8:48 pm

I will be in Taormina on June 1. I will need a tour.

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