In Taormina you will never get bored and there are countless things to do and see. Some of these are unmissable and it would be a shame not to do them, others still deserve their space. Let’s start with the main things to do in Taormina…

1. Things to do in Taormina: The Ancient theatre

things to do in taormina

To visit this monument is definitely a must, both for those who are passionate about history and archeology but also for those who simply want to enjoy a breathtaking view. The Greek – Roman theatre in Taormina really worth a visit. A guided tour will cover the main phases of construction and transformation of the building. Greeks built it and then Romans transformed it, adapting it to their own tastes and uses, . The view is priceless: towards the south with Mount Etna and the bay of Naxos, or towards the north with the eye going from the Strait of Messina to the Italian peninsula.

2. View point of IX April Square

things to do in Taormina

It’s the biggest square in town and all around us it leaves us amazed. It’s the perfect spot for your souvenir photos. Facing the balcony we have on one side Mount Etna and Giardini – Naxos, below us the blue sea and on the other side we can see the Ancient Theatre. The square is surrounded by two churches: San Giuseppe and Sant’Agostino, today the public library of Taormina. The background is the Half Way Tower that divides the medieval part of the town from the Greek – Roman – Arabic one. Looking up, we see the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rocca and the remains of the castle of Taormina.

3. The calm of the Public Gardens

Going down from the main street, through alleys and narrow streets, you reach this immense garden that fascinates for its history and beauty. The Villa Comunale of Taormina was originally the private garden of an English noblewoman sent here for a golden exile. Miss Florence Treveylan, spent most of her life here and enriched her garden with exotic plants and strange constructions, the Victorian Follies, which, even today, give the opportunity to sit and enjoy the calm of this beautiful park.

4. The cable car to Mazzarò Bay

things to do in taormina

A few steps far from Porta Messina, we find the departure point of the cable car that in five minutes reaches the Bay of Mazzarò. A short but beautiful route with a view of Monte Tauro and the sea below. Click here for the timing.

5. Things to do in Taormina: the enchanting Isola Bella

Isola Bella vista dalla costa

An islet that hides among its vegetation what was initially the summer home of Miss Florence Treveylan. You can get there passing by a strip of sand that you cover according to the tides. Once there, surrounded by a rich vegetation, we go up and down between the various rooms trying to recreate what was the life of this sumptuous villa.

in conclusion, these are some of the things to do in Taormina but, above all, let’s take our time, walk along the main street, the Corso Umberto, let’s go into the many alleys and get lost in them. Let’s move away from the center, finding a refreshing silence. Taste the relaxed atmosphere of this charming Sicilian town maybe sitting in a bar, enjoying a tasty Sicilian granita.

And if you want to discover other curiosities, let’s do it together with an amazing guided tour of Taormina.

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