Summer holidays are approaching and, if the situation will permit, we will all try to escape a little. What better place than an island , for example, Lipari or Stromboli to leave behind us these terrible last months? None! But how to reach the Aeolian Islands and from where?

I’ll explain it to you very simply!

The fastest and most fascinating way to reach the seven sisters of the Mediterranean is by helicopter. But not everyone is able to afford it, so let’s keep our feet on the ground!

How to reach the aeolian islands
An hydrofoil leaving Lipari port
to reach the aolian islands
A ferry crossing the strait between Lipari and Vulcano

Departure points to reach the Aeolian Islands

First of all, let’s figure out from which ports you can leave to reach the Aeolian Islands.

  • Milazzo: it is the main departure port because it is the closest to the islands. To reach the island of Vulcano, for example, it takes 50 minutes. From here, ferries and hydrofoils leave all year round.
  • Messina: from the city of the Strait you can take only hydrofoils. The service is all year round for Lipari but with less routes in winter while in summer you can also reach Salina island .
  • Naples: ferries between the city and the Aeolian archipelago run all year round, twice a week. In summer you can also take advantage of the hydrofoil routes run by the company SNAV.
  • Palermo: from here, Liberty Lines operates daily hydrofoil services from June to September.

Means of transport to get to the Aeolian Islands

Set aside the idea of the helicopter, let’s see what are the means of transport to get to the Aeolian Islands:

  • Hydrofoil: after the helicopter, it’s the fastest means of transport and is used exclusively for transporting people and not vehicles. There is a daily service leaving from Milazzo with routes every hour. The transport company is Liberty Lines.
  • Ferry: with this means of transport the crossing from Milazzo will be a little longer, more or less twice compared to the hydrofoil. Ships can carry both passengers and vehicles. But beware, in summer and for some islands, there are limitations for the landing of vehicles. For info and schedules ask to the company Siremar.

Once arrived at your destination, all you have to do is to relax and enjoy the wonders of these islands with a guided tour of the Aeolian Islands.

To prepare your stay, it may be useful to know some curiosities about the Aeolian Islands.

I wait for you here!

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